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• Full Family History

This is the report that would meet the majority of client’s needs. The report is based on an average 6 – 8 hours research that includes a comprehensive range of records including:

  • census records (1901/1911)
  • civil registration records (birth, marriage and death)
  • church records (baptism, marriage, death)
  • property/land/valuation records (Griffth’s Valuation, Tithes)
  • emigration/immigration records (ship passenger lists / applications for naturalisation)
  • occupational records (trades/ professionals/ landowners/ farmers)
  • other specific records such as Petty Court Sessions/ Newspaper Articles/ Prison Records

It can also include a Family Tree chart showing your family in graphic form.

The cost of a Full Family History covers the research hours but it will cost an additional fee to write the report.  In addition to complete a Full Family History, it will be necessary to purchase copies of the above records. Once research has been commissioned the cost of these records will be agreed by the parties.

Once your family can be located in the aforementioned records, there is a very good chance that we will be able to trace them back to the 1850’s (the Griffith’s Valuations), and in some cases where records survive, to about the 1820’s. However, Irish records can be taciturn and unpredictable and we cannot guarantee that all your genealogical expectations will be met. For this reason, we aim to keep in touch with you throughout the course of our research and let you know how the search is progressing. Our Full Family History is our most popular service as it can shed considerable insight into your family history for a reasonable cost.

Civil records in Ireland were introduced in 1845 for non-Roman Catholic marriages and 1864 for Roman Catholic births, marriages and deaths and non-Roman Catholic births and deaths, and in very rural areas sometimes as late as the 1880’s.

We will endeavour to complete your Full Family History in two to three weeks with an additional four weeks to complete the report.

On completion of the research, your Full Family History will be sent to you by email, in PDF format.


• €30 per hour

• Four hours: €100

• Ten hours: €200

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